Having beautiful, healthy and white teeth will give you the reason to comfortably smile and laugh in front of many people. But in this generation, teeth with plain color are not enough. There are some people who want to make their teeth to become more attractive with the use of art for teeth. The best services for your teeth can be found in the San Diego Cosmetic Dentist.

San Diego Cosmetic Dentist aims to give you great services for your teeth. They will assure you that your teeth will have the guarantee of getting healthier than before where you are not yet aski9ng for their help. Their cosmetics dentistry has their caring assistance for your teeth.

San Diego Cosmetic Dentist has the team which is skilful enough in giving you the services and tips on how you can maintain your healthy smile. They have the techniques or strategies which you may easily follow by yourself. San Diego Cosmetic Dentist is also innovative in giving the service with full of dedication to have the best result after the process. They are more in giving a healthy smile that they can give to every patient that they have. For many years in service, San Diego Cosmetic Dentist has already proven its capacity in giving quality service as well as the techniques for the right ways of taking care of the teeth. They are very certain when it comes to identifying if what really the problem of your teeth is and they are able to come with the proper and painless solution for you.

San Diego Cosmetic Dentist is considered as one of best teams of dentists in the world which can give you a healthy smile than before. The needs of their clients can have his or her great experience in taking care of their teeth. You as the client have also given the chance to choose from their respective team to become your personal dentist which will also educate you with what you are supposed to do in maintain a healthy smile every day. You are not just the one to enjoy healthy teeth but also your family. One of the reasons why the San Diego Cosmetic Dentist is already trusted in the name dentistry is because of giving painless operation especially for the kids with their latest technology. Their latest technology is considered as one of their assets since their technology can perform well in identifying looking for the main problem of the teeth and perform during the operation.

San Diego Cosmetic Dentist is also willing to give you their services which are very affordable. They are not much concentrating into the money but they are more on the services that their clients will be satisfied of. If you are a resident of San Diego, there is no reason for you to not improve your teeth to turn into a healthier one. They are willing to give you services and you are always welcome at any day you come into their center.

  • Teeth Whitening

    San Diego Teeth Whitening

    One of your biggest physical assets that people possess is their smile. A great smile can people at ease, making you feel comfortable in the process. The problem is that your lifestyle and the aging process can help diminish that smile, with your white teeth becoming discolored over time. Daily brushing isn’t always able to revert the damage, but San Diego teeth whitening can very much improve the appearance of your smile. This is something that can be done quickly and efficiently, and which delivers long lasting results.

    If you feel your teeth could use a little sprucing up look for a dentist that delivers the Zoom2! Chairside Whitening System, as that is the fastest, safest way to get the San Diego teeth whitening results you want. It only takes about an hour for you to get dramatic results that you would never have imagined in your wildest dreams. Your teeth will be about 8 to 10 shades whiter than they were at the outset, and will be so white that you will think your old teeth have been replaced by a full new set.

    Zoom Teeth Whitening San Diego

    The Zoom2! Chairside Whitening System is incredibly simple, yet totally effective. A combination of light and proprietary gel is used to deliver a San Diego teeth whitening experience that is sure to leave you smiling. The light and the gel work together to break up all those stains that have accumulated over years of smoking, coffee, drinking, and other lifestyle choices that can affect the color of your natural teeth. Years of such abuse can be undone in just under an hour, with the results potentially lasting for years if you look after your teeth properly.

    So what can you expect when you make an appointment for a San Diego teeth whitening. Your session may start out with a cleaning of your teeth, depending on what your dentist thinks. This will be followed by a brief period of preparation where your lips are covered and the gel is applied. You can then expect the bleaching process to take around 45 minutes to an hour, during which time all of your stains will be literally blasted away. The procedure is usually quite painless, although some patients do complain of minor sensitivity during the process.

    Most people will be good candidates for the San Diego teeth whitening process, but it’s always best to check with your dentist first before making an appointment. He will be able to look at the current state and color of your teeth to see if the Zoom2! Chairside Whitening System is one that will be beneficial to you. They will then take the time to go over the process with you and answer any questions that you may have. You may even be able to look at the results of previous patients to get an idea of how well the system will work for you. That is usually more than enough to get most people ready commit to a San Diego teeth whitening system.

  • Porcelain Veneers

    Creating A Perfect Smile IN San Diego Dental Office

    If you have grown tired of having a smile that you feel you are forced to hide, you have probably started thinking about the options available to you when it comes to restoring your glow. There is the possibility that porcelain veneers came up as being one of the solutions, but you may not be aware of the benefits that can be had by getting them. Porcelain veneers go way beyond just delivering a great looking smile, and a visit to your San Diego dental office is sure to reveal these others:

    • Unlike many quick fix solutions on offer at your San Diego dental office, porcelain veneers offer a long lasting solution to your dental problems. While the lifespan of your veneers will depend on how well you look after them, you can reasonably expect them to last for as much as 10-15 years.
    • One of the biggest surprises you are likely to encounter after having your porcelain veneers added at your San Diego dental office is how natural they look. It is often easy to spot dentures and other dental repairs, but porcelain veneers have a natural look that makes it hard to tell they aren’t your real teeth. A dentist who has experience in creating that natural look will customize the teeth to fit your mouth in a way that looks as though the veneers are a natural extension of your gums.
    • If you had missing or broken teeth before your porcelain veneers, there was a better than average chance that you had problems chewing food. The addition of veneers will bring back the strength and functionality of your teeth, making it possible for you to leave the San Diego dental office and head out for a delicious juicy steak.
    • Sometimes the dental problems that patients face are more to do with flaws such as crooked teeth and large gaps between each tooth. The cosmetic procedure can be used to correct those flaws and is usually completed with just a couple of visits to your San Diego dental office.
    • One of the biggest benefits you will receive from you porcelain veneers, besides that stunning smile, is a real boost in self-esteem and confidence. No longer will you have to avoid pictures being taken or social events because you are concerned about what people might think of your teeth.

    Now that you know about just some of the benefits you will receive from porcelain veneers, you need to start thinking about which San Diego dental office you should visit. Not all dentists are qualified to provide this procedure, so you really need to do a little research to find one that is. Once you believe you have the right candidate, you next step is to book a consultation. This will allow the dentist to examine your mouth and teeth, at which point they can determine if your dental issues are ones that can be corrected with porcelain veneers.

  • Cosmetic Smile Simulator

    Have you ever wondered what you would look like with porcelain veneers or a smile makeover? Now you don’t have wonder, you can see the transformation before you even start treatment. At Cabrillo Dental we use the Envision A Smile cosmetic smile simulator. The Envision A Smile system incorporates the latest state-of-the-art imaging software available. The software enables us to take photographs of your smile and immediately create a digitally enhanced rendering, giving you the opportunity to preview a new smile! A personalized slide show with several different before and after views can be presented to you right here at our office. We can also burn a CD or print glossy photographs that you can take home to share with your friends and loved ones.

  • Wedding Smile Makeover

    Nothing is more stunning than a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress with a beautiful smile.
    We all want to look our best at our wedding. On your Wedding Day, all eyes will be upon you. You may never be photographed more than on this day, and we want to ensure you have a bright, beautiful smile! Remember, those photos will last forever.

    A teeth cleaning, dental whitening, a simple contour and tooth reshape can help you look your best for that special day. So you’ll need to find an expert who knows smiles better than anyone. At Cabrillo dental, we have the expertise to create a perfect smile for you and your bridal party, with beautiful straight white teeth.

    Dr. Nasery is a trusted professional who is skilled in treatments ranging from teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and veneers to Invisalign and Inman Aligners. Whether you want to make your smile as white as your wedding gown, or get a complete smile makeover, Dr. Nasery can help make your big day as perfect as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

    We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies and techniques to restore natural-looking smiles. Our smile makeovers have a two-fold design plan in that we artistically create the cosmetic look you want while ensuring you obtain optimal functionality and oral health. After all, we are all on the same team for helping you achieve the look you want for your wedding and maintaining your smile for years to come.

    Your engagement period is a perfect time to attend our practice for a free cosmetic dental consultation. Our dentists will design a plan to have your smile looking its best and you feeling radiant and confident. Below are the treatments our patients often consider during their smile makeover.

    • Zoom! Teeth Whitening
    • Porcelain and Composite Veneers
    • Ceramic Crowns
    • Professional Cleaning
    • Invisalign- Invisible Braces
    • Inman Aligners
    • Six Month Braces
    • Personalised Smile Makeovers

    So, when making appointments for dress alterations, floral arrangements and reception details, we suggest that you schedule a dental visit too. New and improved smiles don’t happen overnight; timing needs to be considered.

    Schedule a thorough check-up at least three months before your wedding. If you’re unhappy with your smile, we will have enough time to perfect your teeth by the wedding. Plan to have procedures completed at least two weeks in advance of your big day, so the mouth has time to adjust to cosmetic change. In addition to cosmetic appearance, consider having a fresh breath by having your teeth cleaned and polished for the big day.

    Wedding Smile Makeover SPECIALS
    At Cabrillo dental, we offer several customizable options for our bride& groom to be that will meet your budget needs. We also offer a special 20% discount on all cosmetic treatments when a significant number of the wedding party is booked in for cosmetic treatments. For example:

    – Bride and 2 bridesmaids
    – Bride and 2 parents
    – Groom, best man.
    – Bride, groom and parents

    Please be aware that this special discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.

    For big wedding smile makeover and happy memories, we are now offering a FREE Cosmetic Dental Consultation.

    To book your consultation, please call (858) 277.9300 or contact us online.

    ‘Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing’ – Mother Teresa

  • Technology

    Biolase – Epic

    EPIC™ is the only diode laser in the USA with three unique therapy modes – Soft Tissue Surgery, Whitening, and Pain Therapy. With our exclusive diode laser wavelength, EPIC™ cuts soft tissue cleaner, with more hemostasis and supreme patient comfort. EPIC™ is an ideal teeth-whitening solution for progressive offices wanting to expand their cosmetic treatment menu. Studies have shown that EPIC™ can perform a full-mouth, in-office whitening procedure with an average of 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes of treatment time (not including set-up or take-down), faster than any other in-office whitening system.

    Sapphire Plus Plasma Arc Curing Light

    Sapphire Plus has been proven #1 for composite hardness in just 5 seconds when compared to other popular lights using recommended curing times. Fast and complete curing is all about getting the greatest total energy to the restoration.
    Independent research at a leading university shows that the Sapphire Plus got it right! Sapphire delivers the greatest total energy in just 5 seconds to produce the hardest top and bottom restoration surfaces.

    NOMAD Pro 2™ – Handheld X-ray

    Unlike the conventional wall-mount and portable X-ray systems, the NOMAD is lightweight, rechargeable (battery-powered), and can go anywhere. Dental professionals around the world have rapidly chosen the NOMAD as their preferred X-ray device, both in and out of the office. Perfect for use with children and special needs patients

    Gendex – Expert™ DC

    In contrast to AC units, this direct current powerhouse delivers strong benefits for your practice: shorter exposures, reduced radiation, and truly consistent image quality. Its industry leading focal spot of 0.4 mm creates
    significantly sharper images than other intraorals, regardless if you operate with digital sensors, PSP, or film. Leading technology and daily dependability — the legendary Gendex reputation continues with the expert DC.

    Envision A Smile

    The patient will instantly envision the the outcome of your treatment plan. The presentation mode of Envision A Smile allows the dentist to instantly create a personalized slide show of the patients case with the before and imaged views in the order needed for the perfect case presentation. Afterward, burn the presentation to a CD for a take home versioin for the patient to share with friends and family! You can also print glossy photographs to include in your case presentation folder.

    Digital Imaging – Envision A Smile

    Have you ever wondered what you would look like with porcelain veneers or a smile makeover? Now you don’t have wonder, you can see the transformation before you even start treatment. At Cabrillo Dental we use the Envision A Smile cosmetic smile simulator. The Envision A Smile system incorporates the latest state-of-the-art imaging software available. The software enables us to take photographs of your smile and immediately create a digitally enhanced rendering, giving you the opportunity to preview a new smile! A personalized slide show with several different before and after views can be presented to you right here at our office. We can also burn a CD or print glossy photographs that you can take home to share with your friends and loved ones.


We strive to bring out the best in your smile.

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